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  Source of inspiration

I would like to dedicate this web site to my father Yves.

When he was alive he used to have his own business called Yves Saint-Blaise.

He used to make exclusive jewellery and watches for prestigious clients such as the King of Spain, the Sultan of Brunei; just to name a few of them. Every piece that he made was unique; made with the finest stones and diamonds.

For the first collection of necklaces, limon-ny, I found a lot of inspiration through the stones, pearls that he used in his collections but also through his personality which was quite unique; always looking for the new ideas; embracing life to the fullest.

Here are some jewellery from his collection :
- One of kind; a gold ring made of gold, jade and coral.
- I got this watch for my first communion when I was 18 years old.